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Natural voice ubuntu -

10 is something special. All you have to do is go here for information on how to get Cura installed and working on more recent versions of Ubuntu/Mint. Ubuntu Touch is made and maintained by UBports. Ekho (余音) is a free, open source and multilingual text-to-speech (TTS) software. Android Things does not support the Raspberry Pi Zero that's included in the V2 Voice Kit, but it does support the AIY Voice Bonnet when connected to a Raspberry Pi 3. 04, 10. With natural, human-sounding voices and convenient short-cuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows you to overcome vocal impairment by communicating with others using a Windows PC or Tablet PC. The tool can read a string or text file or standard input. Jan 27, 2019 Installing Cura on Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or Others when Python 3. Dragonfire is an open source virtual assistant for Ubuntu based Linux distributions. You can also choose optional voice effects such as +croak or +whisper. Espeak. We’re thrilled to be working with Mycroft, the open source answer to proprietary natural language platform. 04 LTS is being touted as a natural replacement for Windows XP, which reached end of life this month, and also as a natty bit of kit in  www. How special? Jack Wallen believes it might well be the perfect Linux desktop distribution. 10, 10. Select voices now offer Expressive Synthesis and Voice Transformation features. collective nature of ubuntu and the way that ubuntuism acts as a counter- weight to  5) Open the PulseAudio Volume Control application ("pavucontrol", or you can launch "Applications/Sound & Video/PulseAudio Device  Apr 4, 2018 Install HANA Express on Ubuntu Linux 16. In this post I am going to show you how to install and play Clash of Clans on Ubuntu / Linux / Windows by using Genymotion without crashes. By typing or pasting a word or text in the text box, then clicking on the 'Speak' button, you are able to hear the correct pronunciation in British English (UK). Best Text to Speech Software with Natural Voices – Ivona Ivona is a part of the Amazon group of companies. Natural Reader can read selected text, edit it and search it in Dictionary. NaturalReader supports over 20 languages with over 50 voices, including 5 varieties of English. That's all to have a lightweight, stable working TTS on Ubuntu. Features of Natural Reader: Neat Interface with Light and Dark Theme. It supports spectral and Klatt  To install Bison, open ubuntu software center, type bison. Many Android phones and tablets can use SVOX Pico classic voices for speech synthesis as well. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. 23 Mar 2018 Tired of sitting, tired of reading? With Natural Reader App for Desktop Linux just click a button, jump on your bed, and have the article read  19 Jun 2019 Therefore it's no wonder that text-to-speech and other voice software is . ” Ufw is an easier-to-use frontend for the standard Linux iptables commands. Its official Linux client is effective for making, editing or deleting notes. deb. 04. Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralized, Voice Assistant Technology and Solutions. Maulana Karenga Cheikh Anta Diop rightly raised the still relevant, even urgent, question of our finding within ourselves the will and Siri & Google-Now Like "Betty" Virtual Assistant Is Now Available For Ubuntu/Linux Mint. It supports Cantonese (Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong and part of Guangdong province), Mandarin (standard Chinese), Toisanese, Zhaoan Hakka (a dialect in Taiwan), Tibetan, Ngangien (an ancient Chinese before Yuan Dynasty) and Korean (in trial). With this AIY Voice Kit from Google, you can build a standalone voice recognition system using the Google Assistant, or add voice recognition and natural language processing to your Raspberry Pi based projects. natural desire to learn is at the heart of the U School Philosophy of Learning. setProperty('voice', voice. It is lightweight and offers the most basic features. Self-service agents are similar to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, which provides an automated way to communicate with callers by using audio over a telephone call. Festival is a nice TTS software for linux, but all the default voices that come with it in English sound too robotic, even eSpeak is the same in that regard where it's default is a completely robotic buzzing sounding voice. It is an African philosophy of life, a foundation for ethics, and a way of understanding the human spirit that holds power to heal trauma. Mimic takes in text and converts it to audio for playback. Edith Ubuntu's connections and Natural Medicine clinic offering Holistic Medicine consultation , Wellness Coaching, . Ubuntu includes its own firewall, known as ufw – short for “uncomplicated firewall. . How do you pronounce ubuntu in British English. They have a version for Linux. The bytecool page seems to link to an installer of JUST these 5 additional voices though. Join us at IFA 2019 (Berlin, 6-11 September) for the Launch of the New Voice Recognition Solution for Home Appliances Manufacturers. This, studies show, helps to promote natural sleep patterns. g German, Italian, Japanese). Natural Reader Vs TextAloud. You can even control ufw from a graphical interface. htm. Ubuntu’s firewall is designed as an easy way to perform basic firewall tasks without learning iptables. From sound design to electro-acoustic composition to dense multitrack MIDI  Dec 1, 2015 Ubuntu Espeak app is "Ubuntu Text To Speech" (Ubuntu Speech clear, and can be used at high speeds, but is not as natural or smooth as larger It allows one to play a text in many languages with settings for voice, pitch,  Ubuntu (oo-buun-too) – has its origin in the Bantu languages of southern Africa. BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Mercedes, and Tesla all have one thing in common besides making cars: Their cars all run Linux. terralinguaubuntu. It is conceived both as a restorative move that is aimed at securing the dignity of the black masses as well as an attempt at forging a so-called black identity. February 15, 2019 admin Comments Off on Ubuntu 18. It allows one to play a text in many languages with settings for voice, pitch, volume, speed and word gap. A richer voice experience. According to Cepstral, a licensed copy of swift may be used on only one computer and all its user-created swift output files may not be used on any computer not having its own Cepstral license. There is a gui front-end for it in the Ubuntu Software Center: Gespeaker. Free text to speech online app with natural voices, convert text to audio and mp3, for personal and commercial use eSpeak is a command line tool for Linux that converts text to speech. With our software you can create your Custom Voice Interface. They have an interactive demo you can play with to hear how great it sounds. 🔥 Best online text to speech converter with natural sounding voices. Gespeaker Installation: Open the terminal and type following command to install Gespeaker: sudo apt-get install gespeaker Currently Ubuntu packagers does not include mbrola in the official repositories, Ubuntu users will need to install mbrola and the voices from the Ubuntu Trucchi repository in this way from the terminal type following command: Preset voice variants can be applied to any of the language voices by appending a plus sign (+) and a variant name. gTTS text to speech. Desktop client is available in Ubuntu Software Centre from where you can Skype is an instant messaging application which offers features like voice and . Examples of natural interaction are voice and gesture, as well as touch. (1) We seek to show that the aggressive promotion of ubuntu in post-apartheid South Africa is an elitist project so conceived by the new black elite. I have installed Wine, then TextAloud. The AT&T Natural Voices TTS product is currently available in two configurations: the Server Edition and the Desktop Edition. Windows have very natural TTS voices. The Adobe Acrobat PRO which is a paid iSpeech Free Text to Speech API (TTS) and Speech Recognition API (ASR) SDK. From the smallest device to large installations and high-end interactive media, Cepstral voices can bring fresh content to your ears, on demand. The free version of Adobe reader provides features such as; viewing and reading of documents, adding annotations to documents and provides printing functionalities. By Zara Houshmand Ubuntu, or botho in the language of Botswana, roots the definition of our humanity in how we relate to others. through my own South African lens, sound like ubuntu values in America   sub-Saharan Africa moral and ethical framework of Ubuntu and their relevance for sustainable development. It might very well be installed but the SDK comes with a total of 5 free SAPI voices so i don't think it is. Text to speech sample : The voice is extremely natural. See also: Pew Research poll discovers nearly half of Am… Adobe Reader has been known to be among the best PDF viewers and readers on most PC platforms. The Mycroft project has now released 3 packages – Adapt, Mimic and Mycroft Core. Without modification you'll hear a natural sounding female voice. The nextup/cepstral are 23 to 35 dollars per voice which depending on your definition could be affordable. onFOSS is a tech blog dedicated to content that features open source technology. When she couldn't shake the voice in her head telling her to leave  the natural stage on which we act out the foolish deeds of the theatre of our day. For those who are using Ubuntu - I'm using Ubuntu 5. Now a days handheld devices offer assistant for your mobile device, which help users to do stuff easily and quickly, as you may know iOS has Siri (by Apple) and Android OS uses Google Now assistant (by Google) to facilitate its users. pyttsx3 (pyttsx for Python 3: offline TTS for Python) pyttsx3 is a text-to-speech conversion library in Python. ​Linux is under your hood. 99 per voice. Tesla Semi revealed: Electric truck is semi-autonomous, has 500-mile range. Ubuntu gives you a seamless operational framework for development, training and inference all the way out to the edge. . ns2 installation, network simulator installation, linux installation on vmware, Ubuntu on vmware, virtual machine, ubuntu as virtual machine, ns2 installation on ubuntu. It supports our mission Back: One Square Meter photographed in nature by sunset in Extremadura  Apr 22, 2015 If sound is not working, check our previous post to resolve the issue. reverence for nature and the resources it holds ( Gelfand,. voices = engine. To make Festival sound natural, here's what Download Natural Reader for Ubuntu/Debian based distributions shipping qt5. Voice files are placed in the espeak-data/voices directory, or within subdirectories in there. Ubuntu is about relationships. You can easily surpass the pico2wave quality on stock Ubuntu, because one of those voices is available as a ready-made package. Natural reader saves whatever it reads so user can quickly access it later. Good thing about NaturalReader is you have option to select different voices, even languages. First install eSpeak. Lucida. 10 and 11. The end of ubuntu. The TTS engine runs on both single and multi-processor computers. 10. The speech is clear, and can be used at high speeds, but is not as natural or smooth as larger synthesizers which are based on human speech recordings. ”) things there shouldn’t be a prob. Personalize the voice with our fun Speech FX filters like Dizzy Droid, Old Robot and Spacetime Echo. The espeak package supports many languages, but the voice sounds robotic. About a dozen voices are available and they are priced from $10 to $45. 04, 9. In addition, Kevin is the voice behind the diphone voices (kevin 8k, kevin 16k), and Alan is the voice behind the speaking clock. Yatse Natural Voice Commands Yatse support natural voice commands for many languages. Ubuntu Linux allows you to use SVOX Pico voices for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Own Your Voice: Improve Presentations and Executive Presence  Feb 24, 2014 “Actually, the Ubuntu Party is more of a liberation movement than a its citizens to all contribute their natural talents and acquired skills to the  natural desire to affirm our fellow human beings and to work and act towards each . Natural Reader- A text to Speech Voice Reader  a fast and natural environment for creating and editing soundtracks for film and Use external hardware synthesizers or software instruments as sound sources. Palaver is billed as being easy to use, good at interpreting different pronunciations, and customizable, letting developers add commands and functions via an app dictionary. eSpeak reads the text from the standard input or the input file. General Information about FreeTTS. With IBM Voice Gateway, you can set up both self-service agents and agent assistants. say(&quot;Hi There&quot;) [/code]Check the lin Cepstral Personal voices bring your computer to life with a natural voice that speaks to you. Lucida is a speech, natural language and vision based software that acts as an open source intelligent personal assistant. We make realistic synthetic voices that say anything, anywhere, with personality and style. 04 Natty. It has been tested on Ubuntu 8. The L&H voices are also Free. Support for MBROLA voice output was contributed by Marc Schröder, text-to-speech Researcher in the Language Technology Lab at DFKI , Saarbrücken, Germany. Supports PDF, word, ebooks, webpages, Convert text to audio files. 0 amd64. Nov 6, 2013 “Nobody wants to hear my voice. Google AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to your maker projects. Loquendo has the most natural sounding TTS engine I have heard. an African context, by colonial precedent, the voice of the. Vedics (Voice Enabled Desktop Interaction and Control System) is a speech assistant for GNOME Environment; GnomeVoiceControl is a dialogue system to control the GNOME Desktop that was developed in the Google Summer of Code in 2007. Mimic is a text to speech engine based on the voice of Ubuntu community manager Alan Pope. Text to speech with high quality natural voices, that allows you to read and convert text to voice, Try it now and read text naturally in over 19 languages and 54 Voices! The online text-to-speech reader. Mycroft is free to download and use, and developers are invited to alter its code to expand and improve the NLP functionality. Text to Speech. Evince. Unlike alternative libraries, it works offline, and is compatible with both Python 2 and 3. 1 by  7 Jul 2016 Mycroft is the open source answer to proprietary natural language In addition to voice responses, Mycroft can launch applications and initiate  Espeak ubuntu. Reads out loud texts, web pages, pdfs & ebooks with natural sounding speech synthesizers. It is a free and open source mobile OS for you! Meanwhile we care about your privacy and freedom. However, Festival is a scheme-based speech framework, where a number of researchers have built much better plug-in voices. Our opensource skills are written in . Then run the following script to check installation. Ubuntu. It is an inspiring call in a country riven by division, eSpeak is good text to speech(tts) engine. This is a compact speech synthesizer that provides support to English and many other languages. Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Programmatically control the pronunciation of text, including punctuation, pausing, emphasis, volume, pitch, rate of speech, phonetic pronunciation and context disambiguation. Maulana Karenga Cheikh Anta Diop rightly raised the still relevant, even urgent, question of our finding within ourselves the will and Last week, a De Anza College student named James McClain released a public beta of an open source GNU/Linux speech recognition program called Palaver that uses Google's voice APIs on the back end. Here’s wishing your Ubuntu Choirs Network all the very best and congratulations at being part of the ground swell that seems to be slowly turning the mood in N America around. Voice. ​ Evince is the default document viewer that is preinstalled in Ubuntu. Play clash of clans on Ubuntu / Linux / Windows Ktechpit. [code]import talkey text_to_speech = talkey. 04 ships with a “night light” feature built-in. It comes with 4 voices and the option to download several others. So if you also have a Raspberry Pi 3, follow this codelab to build a voice assistant on Android Things, or download the sample code on GitHub . org/langscape/home. Yes, there's a bit of history going on there and it would take an natural act of collective will unseen in He's an avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert. But most of these voices are commercial and the prices are even higher than the prices of normal text-to-speech software. In conclusion, an AI-powered voice assistant, like the Google Assistant, should be implemented as a new way to interface with an Ubuntu Linux device. And even you can find/install mbrola voices from there (show technical items) Gespeaker is a GTK+ frontend for eSpeak and mbrola. It offers you a lot towards being your perfect companion in the best possible manner. For English and French by default it uses an AI powered engine that allows many new features. because if you don't consider yourself a natural singer, singing is an extremely vulnerable experience. What exactly is Natural Interaction? The term refers to interactions that are more natural for humans than a typical mouse and keyboard interaction. ISSN 2371-3291 (print) Langscape Magazine is an extension of the voice of Terralingua. Read on to find out why. espeak --voices=<mbrola> Lists the Mbrola voices. To get a less robotic voice you can try to change the voice as follows: engine. Adapt is an intent parser that takes in natural language and uses it to determine the user’s intent. Elon Musk's new tractor trailer can handle most US shipping routes on a single charge. HTC U Ultra will help you in this process like no other smartphone available in market. eSpeak is available as: A command line program (Linux and Windows) to speak text from a file or from stdin. htm In 2014, Nature found her voice. This infers ways that humans are used to interacting in the absence of technology intervention. Free for unlimited use. Jul 8, 2015 Grant Ingersoll offers some tools and resources for sentiment analysis, topic identification, automatic labeling, and more. skinning engine, XBMC feels very natural to use from the couch and is  Nov 4, 2010 The idea would be to use any of Ubuntu's Linux distributions as a basis to the large number of voice transcriptions which are necessary in order to 4 times to go back to its “natural” values once the map has been built up. Create stunning audio files for personal and business purposes. id) To get the available voices. Microsoft's new voice-enabled virtual assistant, Cortana, is a lot like a blend of Siri's personality and Google Now's predictive capabilities—but the best part is it's baked right into the taskbar in Windows 10. You can always change its look and feel thanks to its highly customizable nature. When enabled this adjusts the colors of your display to appear warmer by reducing the amount of disruptive blue light your screen emits. The default Festival voices are also not that good. NextUp Talker is a Text to Speech program specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. Download your files as mp3🎧 and WAV. After many days of searching, i found a way to get TextAloud working on Ubuntu under wine. 2 LTS Released, Available to Download Now – OMG! Ubuntu! Ubuntu! Ubuntu 18. I have tested this application on both Ubuntu and Debian. It supports more languages and has a much smaller footprint than Festival (though the voices are less natural). The variants for male voices are +m1, +m2, +m3, +m4, +m5, +m6, and +m7. The president of the ANC Veteran’s League, Sandi Sijake, wants all South Africans to restore ubuntu in society; and Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba has asked that we begin the month with ubuntu instead of a braai. Our voices are the ideal way to have your emails, documents or any speech-enabled application read to you. It is written in C. NatI is a multi-language voice control system written in Python Natural Voice Network Welcome to our online home. documents, web articles and ebooks into natural-sounding speech. Test Espeak with: English female voice, emphasis on capitals (-k), speaking slowly (-s) using direct text:- espeak -ven+f3 -k5 -s150 "I've just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit" Google Text to Speech. Free Open Source Linux Chat Bot Natural Language Processing Speech Recognition Speech to text NaturalReader includes multiple natural sounding voices, and you can purchase additional voices in different languages (e. Online can also convert text to speech from the website of Natural Reader. It is available in 27 voices (13 neural and 14 standard) across 7 languages. 04 LTS on the Google Cloud Platform ( server-only) www. The Ideal and Ethics of Ubuntu: A Kawaida Conversation Dr. Jul 15, 2016 Thee speech engine comes with a large amount of voices. Ubuntu Wellness, LLC offers comprehensive holistic health and wellness services in the Northeast Ohio area. This software can be installed in both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also choose a male voice or a female voice as well as the language: United States English, United Kingdom English or Australian English. Katherine Dominique Lind. From natural language processing to image recognition, from real-time high-speed autonomous navigation to network intrusion detection. Cepstral helps you communicate information by turning text into clear, natural sounding speech. 4 error comes Add a Natural Voice to Your Application With AWS Polly · error:  Dec 20, 2018 Once setup, the device can have headphones, speakers, TV or a full sound system attached to stream music and podcasts from my favourite  Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralized, Voice Assistant Technology use AI to make machines communicate like humans, using natural language? Dec 1, 2015 Ubuntu GNOME 15. Natural Reader converts software into natural voice and high-quality audio. With TextAloud, you are forced to buy AT&T Mike & Crystal voices. For the longest time I'd been heralding Gespeaker Installation: Open the terminal and type following command to install Gespeaker: sudo apt-get install gespeaker Currently Ubuntu packagers does not include mbrola in the official repositories, Ubuntu users will need to install mbrola and the voices from the Ubuntu Trucchi repository in this way from the terminal type following command: Ubuntu 18. Quick update - sorted the missing MS voice(s) in Natural Reader 7. This feature is incorporated inside the application to give your voice over an even more natural effect to closely resemble everyday human  11 May 2008 I'm looking for a text-to-spech program that I can run in Ubuntu. of Ubuntu can sound like "a human being is a human being through human  Mycroft is an open source voice assistant, that can be installed on Linux, Raspberry Pi, or on the Mark 1 hardware device. It is the best available Text to Speech software in the market. 2 LTS Released, Available to Download Now The Bionic Beaver’s latest respin features a new hardware enablement stack A Ubuntu GNOME 15. A Voice file specifies a language (and possibly a language variant or dialect) together with various attributes that affect the characteristics of the voice quality and how the language is spoken. There TTS engine can take special characters in the text to do things like provide emphasis on phrases or even make the voice laugh or cry. 1970 . NeoSpeech specializes in creating high quality Text-to-Speech (TTS) solutions that speak to you and your customers in a clear and natural voice, without sacrificing quality or performance in several different languages with over 40 voices to choose from, including Mexican Spanish, UK and US English and more. A New Approach to. Lucida Is ideal compared to other intelligent personal assistants as it is able to provide image matching, question and question answering services and natural language processing. When the software start, it reads some advertisement. With a number of other notable features like voice speed & pitch control, batch conversion of multiple documents to MP3 files NaturalReader, as a TTS software, ticks all the right boxes. gTTS is a module and command line utility to save spoken text to mp3. Espeak is the default text-to-speech / speech synthesizer software that comes pre-installed on Ubuntu 10. I've tested its Linux David voice briefly, which sounds quite natural and I found the syntax very user-friendly. 1 or above: Download Natural Reader V 1. If you purchase paid version, you will get 2 natural voices and the voice advertisement in start removed. 10 and have been using the companion project to Festival called FreeTTS - it's a Java-based utility which can use the Festival voices. Giving Nature a. alternative voice to the European and North American philosophical and . It is useful to those who view documents and do not require additional features that are included in other readers. Edit 1 - Changing the voice. Google’s Text to Speech engine is a little different to Festival and Espeak. getProperty('voices') You can try the different available voices as explained in this question: Changing the voice with PYTTSX module in python. The voice generated, however, is nowhere close to a human voice. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. It is an inspiring call in a country riven by division, In conclusion, an AI-powered voice assistant, like the Google Assistant, should be implemented as a new way to interface with an Ubuntu Linux device. 10, 9. It has been described as a philosophy of peace and is perhaps best known as a guiding concept of the ‘African Renaissance’, spearheaded by post-colonial and post-apartheid leaders in South Africa such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Thabo Mbeki, in which Africans are urged to re-engage with African values. See also: Pew Research poll discovers nearly half of Am… Evince. The SVOX voices sound a little more natural. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dr. So, you can hear the different pronunciations. It uses the Google Text to Speech (TTS) API. The Best Free Text to Speech Apps for iOS By Corbin Telligman – Posted on Jan 5, 2017 Jan 4, 2017 in iOS Many have adopted audio books over recent years, and while many books have been read out loud by voice actors and are available on online libraries, not all books have been. The available voice files can be listed by: espeak --voices or espeak --voices=<language> also espeak --voices=<variant> Lists voice variants which can be applied to eSpeak voices. For example, the prices of AT&T Natural Voices are $35 (base required) plus $35 per additional voice, and the prices of Cepstral voices are &29. More than 700 independent developers are already making contributions to Mycroft’s software. In the mid 70s Frankie pioneered workshops based on traditional styles of singing, which gave rise to the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, a widespread popular singing movement in the UK. Then install the talkey. Related to FreeTTS (and also sponsored by CMU) is Festvox. With Watson, self-service agents communicate in a more conversational manner and can handle complex interactions that are difficult for traditional IVRs. We are a network of people who work with voice and song, and who believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability. It’s not like your voice could be sold for marketing reasons and as long as you aren’t saying blatantly illegal (“Jasper, buy 100 pounds of C4. Listen to the voice sample below: It was programmed on Ubuntu for Ubuntu. Mycroft has adopted Ubuntu Core and Snaps to deliver their software to Mycroft hardware, as well as Snaps to enable desktop users to install the software regardless of the Linux distribution they are using! Laverna is an open source free note-taking app for Ubuntu which is an excellent Evernote alternative for Linux. Focusing on stress management, mindful living, physical activity and nutrition, Ubuntu Wellness gives people the tools and support necessary to transform their lives and create lasting positive changes. The variants for female voices are +f1, +f2, +f3, +f4, and +f5. First,You'll see that those Laverna is an open source free note-taking app for Ubuntu which is an excellent Evernote alternative for Linux. Apr 16, 2014 Ubuntu 14. The Text to Speech service understands text and natural language to generate synthesized audio output complete with appropriate cadence and intonation. Text to speech with natural sounding voices. Talkey() text_to_speech. 04, 8. AT&T Natural Voices Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engines provide synthesis services in multiple languages for application builders. Jul 24, 2017 Ubuntu, Africa, motocycle, Yamaha TT600, Desmond Tutu, Rwanda, Congo, and the ridges of Kakadu National Park area instilled a bond with nature. Powerful API Converts Text to Natural Sounding Voice and Speech Recognition online Toggle navigation Espeak is the default text-to-speech / speech synthesizer software that comes pre-installed on Ubuntu 10. This Open-Source AI Voice Assistant Is Challenging Siri and Alexa for Market Superiority. The only disadvantage is  Jun 19, 2018 "Being With" and "Doing For" is the "ME/WE" keystone, shown in mild, slight, moderate, and Natural (Extreme) degrees in different situations. natural voice ubuntu

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